Why Reputation Management Matters for Chief Marketing Officers


The study highlighted the increasing need for a reputation management system, especially in the office of the CMO. Reputation isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about marketing, but our study concludes that reputation management is increasingly crucial for CMOs. This FAQ explains why.

What is a CMO?

Also known as a Chief Marketing Officer, the CMO is a corporate level executive who is responsible for strategically creating marketing content and communicating about it in a way that promotes brand recognition. The CMO’s ultimate goal is to achieve competitive advantage in the market for their organization. All major businesses have a CMO, or someone similar, who plays an integral role in the company’s growth strategy.

Why must CMOs focus on reputation management?

The days of marketing campaigns simply based on price, product, and service are over. This approach is now seen as one-dimensional. Stakeholders (investors, customers, employees) want to know about all parts of the enterprise—corporate responsibility, leadership practices, and company values, to name a few.

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