These Companies Have the Best Corporate Reputations in the World


After a tumultuous 2018 – marked by an overall decline in corporate reputation for the first time since 2013 – the new year rang in with a mix of apprehension and hope for many global companies.

What would the new year bring? Will the global economy fare? Would we be moving towards a reputation recession, or will there be signs of a recovery? 

Findings from our 2019 Global RepTrak® 100 provide both reasons for optimism and a cautionary tale.

On the upside, the reputational hemorrhaging has ceased – for now. Global companies’ reputation scores among the informed general public increased by 0.9-points after a 1.4-point decline in 2018.

Although there is a positive outlook on reputation, the public isn’t eager to outpour its support. Most respondents are currently either unsure or neutral about giving companies the benefit of the doubt. Now more than ever, companies are on trial in the court of public opinion, facing their “reputation judgement day.” In a time where one misstep can prove costly, building assurance is critical to business success.

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